Volunteers are needed in local school districts:

  • Career Explorers – If you love your work and want to share your experiences with local high school students, join a Career Explorer panel of 6 community leaders. Time commitment – one to four hours in September – October 2017.
  • Life Skills Coaches –  From January through April 2018, students request an opportunity to meet with a coach before or after school to discuss careers, finances, college and life choices. Meetings occur from 7 am to 8 am or from 3:30 pm to 5 pm at the student’s high school. Orientation training is required. Your commitment could be one hour or many hours based on your availability and desire to meet with students to make a difference.
  • Game of Real Life Professionals – In May 2018, students play the experiential Game during class. Volunteers serve as speed interviewers, managers, and trainers of the students. Time commitments vary, starting at two hours. Preparation is required. This is a great group exercise for civic clubs, professional associations, and employers.

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Beginning in August 2017, high school students across the state of Texas will start a new Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved STEM advanced math credit, blended online course called Real Life Financial Mathematics. RLFM is the course you wish you had in high school. It directly addresses FMA’s non-profit mission and serves the community in four ways:

  1. RLFM’s one-year blended online deep subject matter materials serve as a foundation for students to achieve significant outcomes and goals leading to personal and societal socio-economic transformation.

  2. RLFM introduces a new instructional methodology designed to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, team building, communication and project management to prepare students for future careers.

  3. RLFM course content and activities address real-life issues – personal finance, career discovery, postsecondary education funding and selection and reality-based math.

  4. RLFM engages the community as volunteers and education stakeholders to share skills, experiences and broaden the goals and expectations of the students.

  5. RLFM career explorers are all featured in our Career Explorer Biography pages to raise awareness of their involvement in promoting financial literacy!