Beginning in September 2017, FMA will launch Real Life Financial Mathematics in Texas high schools. One of the many things that makes RLFM, the course you wish you had in high school, is our engagement of the community.  Through collaborations with civic, nonprofit, religious, and employers, we want to give you an opportunity to volunteer. Our collaboration teams will provide 1) subject matter experts on financial, career and college planning, 2) career coaches for students wanting to identify a career they will love and 3) life coaches for students who need varied perspectives on real life. If interested, email Nibal Markus at

To support the Houston and Dallas based organizations, we need the following project based leadership who are able to make a long-term commitment (12 months please):

a) Newsletter Editor (HOUSTON) – Love to write? Write our quarterly Envision newsletter and share FMA with 2,500 readers. Write timely articles, add graphics and work with an amazing journalist, Loren Steffy, who proofs the FMA newsletter. Six days a quarter.

b) CANVAS LMS Pros (HOUSTON) –  RLFM is an on line course.  It is our desire to make it the best, award winning, high school course.  We need a team of CANVAS LMS professionals who want to take on this challenge.   Eight hours a week. Possible full-time position in Sept 2017.

c) Word Press Master (Houston) – Keep the website fresh and up to date. Review each page and update the site. Need three people and this is a great way to build your WordPress skills as you constantly improve our website. Ten hours a month.

d) SalesForce Maintenance (HOUSTON & DALLAS) – People are joining FMA everyday.  We need a person to check their data and enter it into SalesForce.  Must be detail oriented and pleasant!  These volunteers will also correct old emails, talk with volunteers and provide valued feedback to management.  This is an excellent way to learn SalesForce, the nation’s largest CRM. Ten hours a month.

e) Development (HOUSTON) – Recognize FMA financial donors, record donations and communicate with donors to find out how we can help them achieve their goals for our organization. Ten hours a month.

f) Grant Writer (HOUSTON) – Grant research, strategy and writing that will position FMA to expand Real Life Financial Math across Texas and serve 100,000 students annually! Eight hours a week.

g) Volunteer Coordinator (HOUSTON & DALLAS) – Work with Shanon Adams to identify volunteers and collaborators. Provide volunteer orientation and training. Eight hours a week.

Contact Nibal Markus at