Getting Started

The Game of Real Life is a comprehensive program for transforming the lives of underserved, at risk, economically disadvantaged youth, from ages 13 to 19.

The GAME is a copyrighted program by Lorraine and Ken Decker. The Deckers maintain the copyright because the program is dynamic and must evolve to reflect the experiences gained from the program and the research conducted.

The licensing agency for expansion of the GAME is Financial Mentors of America, Inc. (FMA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Houston, Texas. FMA works with sponsors, typically non-profit organizations, who assume responsibility for managing the GAME in a community.
Sponsors often have affiliations with leaders from:

  • school districts
  • state boards of education
  • major employers in your area
  • government organizations, such as city councils and law enforcement
  • business organizations
  • financial planning community
  • foundations
  • professional businesses such as clinics and law firms
  • university
  • media/PR
  • community organizations, such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Junior League, League of Women Voters clubs.

Sponsors may have formed an implementing organization with the singular objective of conducting the GAME or they may be part of a national organization, such as YMCA, or United Way. Often, sponsors are providing programs to underserved teens and see the GAME as a means to reach these students at a deeper, more intense level.

School Districts are the primary source for students, venues, and instructors. School Districts offer the GAME because it improves students’ academic performance, behavior and commitment to the school community. The GAME enhances student motivation and helps them value academic classes.

Community leaders and organizations support the GAME with volunteers, financial donations and gifts-in-kind.

The sponsor, school district and the community come together to conduct the GAME.