Summer Team 2015

Rivest Aduku

Rivest was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He moved to the U.S. in 2005 and attended Alief Hastings High School where he started playing basketball.  Upon graduation, he attended UT Arlington and continued to play basketball there.  After his junior year, Rivest took some time off from school to discover himself and his true purpose in life, which drew him closer to God and yielded an increased devotion to his faith in Christianity. (FMA welcomes individuals of all affiliations and believes everyone can contribute to the common good of our society)

He currently attends the University of Houston, where he’ll soon conclude his undergraduate studies in Business Management. Upon graduation, Rivest is planning on pursuing his MBA degree. He is very excited to be working with FMA this summer, as this gives him an avenue to make a positive impact on the community and the privilege to be a part of a genuine solution towards a brighter future for the youth.



Ronald Aduku

Ronald Aduku is originally from Kogi, Nigeria and moved to the US a few years ago in pursuit of a better education. He attended Alief Hastings High school in Houston and is currently a student at Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. He is pursing a BBA in finance. 

Through his Christian faith, he has sought and gained a new perspective in life which motivated him to get involved in the local community and contribute towards building a better society. (FMA welcomes individuals of all affiliations and believes everyone can contribute to the common good of our society)

He believes the work FMA is providing to our youth in personal finance is a great service to society. He is excited for the opportunity to join the FMA family and help realize the potential in every student. 




Emma Armer

Emma Armer is currently a Junior at the University of Houston. She is studying Marketing and plans to graduate in Spring 2017. 
Emma spends all of her spare time being active in the student organization Enactus, global student organization that implements semester-long projects to address problems in the community. In Enactus, she has created and implemented a points and hours tracking system, a monthly newsletter, designed their website, and manages their social media, to name a few. She is excited to be adopting the role as Vice President next semester. 
Emma wanted to get involved in FMA because she enjoys the non-profit atmosphere and believes in the importance of providing middle- and high-school age kids with a practical financial education. She also felt her experience working with recruitment and retention in Enactus could benefit the program. She’s looking forward to all of the opportunities this summer internship with FMA has in store! 

Emma Armer headshot

Miles Ellis, Intern, Logistics Coordinator

Miles is originally from Katy, Texas, where he attended Cinco Ranch High School. A current student at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, Miles is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, while working towards a minor in Vocational Ministry. 

During his time at Pepperdine, Miles enjoys many extracurricular activities, upon steady involvement in community service. A dedicated member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Miles held the position of social chair, promoting campus involvement and community service among other contributions. Miles is also an active member of the Pepperdine Ultimate Frisbee Team, the Concert choir, and The Pepperdine Pickups (Pepperdine’s Male Acapella Group). 

Unsure of what lies ahead of him career-wise, Miles stands firm in his hopes of finding a career in which he can help people. Serving others has always been an integral part of who Miles is as a person, and he is thankful for this opportunity in which the Game of Real Life offers a crossroads of how service and an occupation can coexist. Not only is he excited to identify some of his life goals through this experience, but more so, Miles is thrilled for the opportunity to help others along this same journey.

Miles Ellis

Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson is a passionate and innovative mathematics educator and consultant. She has been working in mathematics education for over 12 years and has taught Kindergarten through post-secondary students at educational institutions in Ohio, Kentucky, the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Texas. She currently works with the Houston Independent School District as an Associate Teacher where she has taught financial literacy and math enrichment courses to 8th grade students. Brittany is also a graduate student in Walden University’s Masters of Science in Education with the focus of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment degree program. 

The reason that she is interested in financial literacy education aligns directly with her professional mission. It is her professional mission to help to reform the mindset of educators around the world to understand that we are not only here to educate our students in academics, but we have also been appointed as educators so that we can inspire, motivate, and prepare our students for their success as future leaders and contributing members to the 21st century society. Financial literacy education and the ability to make responsible and profitable financial decisions is an essential skill that both students and adults need to possess in order to survive and become successful contributing members to the 21st century society.



Pam Stroud

Pam has over 20 years experience in Supply Chain, namely aerospace, defense and oil and gas.

She has a passion for making a difference, and believes that by aligning herself with FMA which provides financial education to families, is the ultimate in giving back to the community.

Pam graduated from Syracuse University and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Nourhan Younis

Nourhan Younis is the Marketing/Fundraising intern of Financial Mentors of America. She is an honors business student at C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management (2016). She was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and currently experiencing the energy capital of the world, that is Houston, Texas. 

As an international student at the University of Houston, she shows passion and pride in all that she does. She is the Member Relations Director of Bauer Women Society, seeking the personal and professional growth of young business women. She is also interested in leadership and management of people and entities as well as event planning. Aside from her involvement in school, she is passionate about giving back to the community through various events with many different organizations.

Nourhan has a deep interest in the expanding role of business in today’s education system. She hopes to apply her academic and professional experience towards the development of Game of Real Life and helping young students to follow their long-life dreams. Her goal is to lead people through example and one day be able to help in creating future leaders of tomorrow.