Districts acquire Real Life Financial Mathematics from publisher – Decker & Associates, Inc.

Districts provide students with computers, monitors, keyboards, mouses, and speakers.

Districts provide instructor with computer equipment, classroom, projector, and printer with ink.

D&A develops curriculum and obtains TEA TEKS approval.

FMA markets course to school districts and engages community for support.

Regional Game in 2018 – Optional



Schools identify students for RLFM.

Districts identify teachers. FMA & D&A provide conference calls to clarify instructional methodology.

D&A creates licenses for teachers and provides Canvas instructional material.

Instructors take the final exam and identify areas for subject matter expert support.

FMA speaks at community civic clubs and creates collaborators to engage teens in career planning.

Regional Game – Game Master collaborates with District on venue, volunteers, & business support




Pilot of 50 students (2016)

First year target – 10,000 students

Second year target – 30,000 students

Regional Game 2018 – 500 students in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.









Students demonstrate:

1) financial knowledge
2) college planning
3) career planning
4) functioning in teams
5) higher-order thinking

Students create a 10-year life plan with targets for AP/dual credit classes, SAT scores, GPA, and endorsements,

Instructors and students evaluate course and community support.




1) improve GPA
2) improve class attendance
3) take AP/Dual credit classes
4) apply for college
6) increase grit scores

Program ROI:

  1. Value of AP classes passed
  2. Value of college scholarships received


1) enroll in post-secondary education or military
2) graduate from college,
3) find rewarding, well paying, financially self-sufficient careers.

Societal ROI:

Reduced criminal justice expenses.
Saving from graduating high school college ready.