Sponsors – Getting Started

The program serves three levels of students – middle school, high school and university students with age appropriate materials.  The GAME therefore offers the Sponsor the opportunity to custom design the program with a school district based on needs, resources and time horizon for implementation.

Most districts start with the curriculum and the game. Other modules can be added to the program, such as Career Discovery, Parent Academy, Leadership Development Institutes and Mentoring modules. FMA will discuss with you and your District the resources that you have and what is needed to assure a successful program.

In all cases, the District and the Sponsor needs a Game Master, who will lead the organization’s GAME initiative. Also essential is a School Board and Sponsor Board completely supportive to transforming the lives of underserved teens.

FMA will conduct a GAME Master training session in Houston to prepare Sponsors and partnering School District personnel for the GAME.  At this time we believe the charge for the session will be $500 / Sponsor and $500 / School District personnel attending for one week of training. This expense will provide breakfast and lunch for the five day period. Transportation and accommodations will be at the attendee’s expense.

FMA will also have four site visits with the Sponsor and District team, one during instructor training, one during the course, one during the game and one following program for debriefing and evaluation.  The expense of these site visits will be paid by the Sponsor. Two FMA leaders will be attending. If paid consultants are hired for the site visit, Sponsor will pay for the actual FMA costs of the consultants plus reimbursement of business expenses. If consultants are not hired, the expense will be only for reimbursement of business expense.

The components of the GAME
Before you decide on which “components” you would like to offer, please view the detailed sections of this website on middle school, high school and university programs. Remember, to be a GAME Sponsor, you must offer the Course plus experiential game plus research. All other programs are enhancements.

To raise funds for the GAME, in excess of school reimbursement, Sponsors should consider being an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.