Real Life Financial Math
Selection Guide

RLFM is an outcome-based, blended online, advanced 1 –year high school math credit course.
RLFM is the course we wish we had in high school.

Six Reasons Why You Should Select Real Life Financial Math (RLFM)

  1. PROFESSIONAL CONTENT The authors, Ken and Lorraine Decker, have more than 40-years experience in teaching objective, financial education to thousands of Fortune 500 corporate and public employees worldwide. They also have conducting Real Life, the foundation course, to more than 1,200 underserved high school students in the greater Houston area. The authors have received numerous awards, including the

FDIC Chairman’s Award for Innovation in Financial Education

  1. OUTCOME BASED – In a nine-year longitudinal study of the first 356 sophomores who graduated from Real Life, 100% graduated from high school, 98% attended college and 91.7% graduated from college.
  1. BLENDED ONLNE with 6-E MODEL – RLFM lessons, developed over four years, consist of 600+ pages of material, 400 videos, 150 worksheets, and 100+ research websites, delivered online with the Canvas Learning Management System (free to school districts through Decker license) using the 6-E Model:
  • ENGAGEDo First videos with activities and building vocabulary.
    • ESSENTIALS – Lesson TEKS are presented as SWBATStudents Will Be Able To.
    • EXPLORELESSONS conducted by teachers who actively engage students in material.
    • EXPANDTEAM WORK discusses higher-order thinking questions, and projects.
    • ENRICH – Students complete a 10-year LIFE PLAN and work with volunteers.
    • EXAMINE – Exit quizzes at the end of many of the lessons.
  1. CTE FUNDING – as a CTE course, districts have approximately an additional $1,000 / student available for instructor training and materials. If students have computers, then each RLFM annual student license is only $35 to $25, based on volume and the instructor license is $155. If students do not have computer access, districts may purchase an instructor only license to project materials to the classroom. The cost is $655, for the annual instructor only license.
  1. 100% TEK STRUCTURED COURSE – Officially meets 70.59% of TEKS. And 100% of ELPS. Authors believe the material is so comprehensive that the TEK review process did not accommodate complex subject links. Review the material and contact us if YOU think we missed any of the 102 TEKS and 352+ breakouts. The TEA has advised, if instructors are asked to build their own course, the district course must meet 100% of the TEKS and 100% of ELPS.
  1. INSTRUCTOR PREPARATION – Instructor on line course has TIPS for each lesson with guidance and answers to all questions. You can watch student and instructor videos on the RLFM video section of this website. In addition to course embedded guides, several university professors have agreed to offer summer RLFM training.

Lorraine Decker, CLU, ChFC, MSFS – FMA – 713-256-8643
Ken Decker, CPA-PFS, CFP – Decker & Associates – 713-927-9300
Nibal Markus, MA – FMA –