CONNECT THE DOTS – Program Components

The following program components were created for Middle School students.  All components incorporate research and evaluation.

  1.  Career Discovery – engages students in career interest assessments, and real life research on careers and future standards of living.  Students complete a matrix of careers with skills, interests, education and expected income to understand the actions they need to take now to achieve their goals.  They also are engaged in written and oral communication with team skill and project based development.  Students gain expertise in talking with professional adults about careers and the future.
  2. Course –  CONNECT THE DOTS – Allows students to expand their career research, and integrate it with financial and post-secondary education decisions.
  3. Experiential Game – a 2-day exciting reality based game where students interview, train and are managed by volunteers from Houston companies while students “age” from 19 to 23 in 1 and 1/2 hour intervals, while they work, pay bills, file tax returns, buy homes, cars, insurance, pay for college and manage life events.
  4. Parent Academy – a parental engagement event, where parents meet successful career mentors “from the neighborhood.”   Career Mentors answer questions about college funding, FAFSA, hard work and how to leverage education to achieve success. Parents also attend four financial and college prep sessions while students play the Experiential Game:
  5. Leadership Development Institute – identifies student leaders and engages them in after-school and summer activities.
  6. Mentoring – FMA offers your professionals an opportunity to assist students after school in critical thinking exercises and provide valued career mentoring.