Connect the Dots is a program offered to the 7th grade class at Patrick Henry Middle School. First step for you is to complete the following questionnaire.

There are three sections –
  1. Personal information,
  2. Financial Literacy Quiz and
  3. 8 Item Grit Test.
Once you start the form, you must complete it. Time required is about 30 minutes. None of your answers will affect your selection for the program or your grades.



Step 1 of 3


  • If you don't know, write DON'T KNOW.
  • If none, write - None.
  • Please check spelling to assure accuracy.
  • Where do you live while attending school? What is your home address? Please check spelling for accuracy.
  • Enter the one where we can definitely reach you. Enter NONE if you do not have one.
  • Where can we call if we must speak with you?
  • You must provide information for at least one parent / guardian.
    Name of parent or guardianRelationship 
  • Name of parent or guardianRelationship