Recently there was an article in the Wallstreet Journal about the importance of bringing back financial education (follow this link to read). Lorraine Decker read this article, below is her reply:

Not bragging, but Texas Legislature and the Texas Board of Education saw the need to go beyond personal financial literacy. One hundred and two knowledge standards were written for a new, 1-year, advanced math credit, financial mathematics course addressing career, personal financial education (not personal financial literacy), post-secondary education selection and funding and reality-based math.

The new course, Real Life Financial Mathematics starts in Sept 2017 and it is taught using teams, critical thinking, problem solving, student presentations and projects. It is offered and funded by the state, but must be individually adopted by 1200 school districts and 400 open enrollment charter schools. These educational institutions decide what our teens learn to prepare them for the future.  We hope communities of business leaders and parents explain to school leadership that this knowledge is a priority and that districts will make wise decisions and offer Real Life Financial Math.