Financial Mentors of America, Inc.

Mission Statement
Mission – FMA seeks to achieve social and economic transformation. We support comprehensive, innovative, outcome-driven financial education, career discovery, postsecondary planning and reality based math STEM programs. All programs are specifically designed to enhance student critical thinking, problem solving, team building, communications and project management, skills needed for the knowledge economy of the 21st century. FMA provides instructor training and collaborates with school districts, universities, employers, community, civic clubs, education and government leaders to achieve our mission.

Outcome Based
Personal financial literacy, offered over forty years in American high schools has failed to produce any measurable long term outcomes. The evidence – Americans spend more than they make, save little for their future and have no money set aside for emergencies.

That said, through RLFM, we have created the perfect platform for teaching teens to utilize education to develop and execute a plan for their future to achieve socio-economic transformation.

Since 1980, Ken and Lorraine Decker, publishers of Real Life Financial Math, have conducted employer sponsored personal financial planning workshops and counseling to tens of thousands of adults.  Since 2006,  more than twelve hundred Houston area Title I high school students attended FMA’s award winning, personal financial eduction foundation course, the Game of Real Life.  In a longitudinal study of the first 358 sophomores who attended the Game from 2007 to 2010, one hundred percent graduated from high school, 98 percent attended college and 91.6 percent graduated from college.

RLFM, goes beyond personal financial literacy. It transforms personal financial literacy into a thinking, planning, motivational program that serves as the foundation for socio-economic change for the students, their families and communities. For a copy of the research report, please contact

FMA currently powers these programs:

1- Real Life Financial Mathematics, a blended online CTE course for high school students that counts as an advanced math credit.

2- Ready to LAUNCH workbook, a bridge from high school to college for students and parents available to any family on

Financial Mentors of America’s goal is to offer Real Life Financial Mathematics to 10,000 high school students across the state of Texas for the 2017-18 school year.