Photo of Shanon Adams

Shanon Adams

FMA Board Member – Houston Current Employer: Amerex Energy ServicesFinancial/Commodoties Representative
Work Phone: 972-836-4810


Favorite Books/Hobbies Count of Monte Cristo & my favorite hobby is to workout.

Favorite Movies The Accountant, Catch Me if You Can, Good Will Hunting, Legend of Bagar Vans and The Devil Wears  Prada.

Favorite Restaurant Avesta Persian Grill on 2691 Wilcrest Dr Houston TX 77042.

Why did you choose FMA to support? I chose to support FMA because I see financial illiteracy as a barrier for our nation’s less fortunate to break from a cycle of the same lack of knowledge that plagues their family and community.

How do you support FMA? I am involved with staying abreast on the inter-workings of FMA to where I am with something we may be missing.