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FMA Board Member – Houston Attorney
Work Phone: 713-963-9400


Favorite Books/Hobbies Physical activity to try to stay in shape – occasional very bad golf, sports fan – attempt to read a number of publications on a regular basis – have no “favorite” books but do believe that certain writings including “The True Believer”, “The Myth of Sysiphus” and “Crime and Punishment” are important writings. They make you think.

Favorite Movies No “favorite” – I think “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” is fun as are almost all of the other Cohen Brother movies.

Favorite Restaurant No “favorite”

Why did you choose FMA to support? Ken and Lorraine Decker are friends of mine. For anyone who knows Lorraine, the answer is contained in the first sentence.

How do you support FMA? Participate as Board member and occasionally hands on. Contribute a few dollars in addition to my time.