Welcome New Board Members!


 In January, FMA welcomed four new Board Members to our leadership team:

 James Brown, Real Estate Pro – jamesbrown.tx@gmail.com

Jessica Davis, Harmony Teacher – jessica.davis10a@gmail.com

Yvonne Green, Director-National Faith (Houston). – yvonnegreen@nationalfaith.org

LaTasha Young-Mallett, Accounting Pro – latashadyoung@hotmail.com

 And bid “see you again” to Cameron Decker, MD who is the Emergency Medicine Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine, Medical Director at Harris County Emergency Corps and volunteers as a tactical physician with Harris County Sherriff’s Department.

In April, FMA welcomes back to town Christina Zimmer, who has been working with ExxonMobil in Virginia. I know she is excited about returning to Houston and getting to spend time with husband, family and friends.

In May, four Board Members’ terms will expire. Attorney Tom Kajander and Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Smith are remaining to guide FMA to the next strategic level. Paula Coggins, who is working out of the state, will say a temporary good-bye until she is back in town. Kim Fontenot is transitioning to the FMA Advisory Board where she will chair Special Projects.

If you or someone you know is perfect for the FMA leadership, please email Lorraine Decker at Lorraine@FinancialMentors.org.