Photo of Patricia Hinds

Patricia Hinds


  1. Why did you choose FMA to support? 

I chose FMA because through a career in the financial side of higher education, I have seen the great need for our young people to understand the very practical aspects of their financial life.

  1. How do you support FMA?

I’ve supported FMA through donation and as editor of the newsletter.  I also spread the word at every opportunity.

  1. What are your favorite books or hobbies? 

I love to read and I especially love medieval British historical fiction. Sharon Kay Penman is my favorite author in this genre but I’ve enjoyed reading many others as well.   I am also passionate about photography and continue to learn and grow in this area.  Love travel also.

  1. What are your favorite movies? 

Well, I love to escape when I go to a movie, so fantasy is a favorite genre.  I’ve always loved the Wizard of Oz.  Love laughing through The Princess Bride.  Love big beautiful scenery movies like Out of Africa.  Latest favorite would be The Hundred-Foot Journey – beautiful, uplifting, fun.  Anything with Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren.

  1. What is your favorite restaurant and in what city is it located?

Hands down favorite restaurant anywhere is Commanders Palace in New Orleans!