Photo of Nijah Adams-Ikewun

Nijah Adams-Ikewun


  1. Why did I choose FMA to support?]

Because FMA provides high School programs that our High school students deserve. It teaches them all the life lessons I wish I had had in high school. Allowing our high school students to be properly prepared for life and college with practical and real knowledge of the world around them.

2. How do you support FMA?

I am a Americorps Vista Community Engagement member. I help get the communities in which our high schools are inside of involved in a multitude of ways in the life of every high school student in Real Life Financial Math.

3. What are my favorite books and hobbies?

My favorite series of books is Harry Potter, I have the entire series in hardcover, with the new book and the first book in pure illustrations.  I also love the Anne of Green Gables series, The Hunger Games Series, The Color Purple and the Bible.

My hobbies include cooking, writing poetry, crafting, and watching movies.

4. Favorite movies are:

The Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Game Series, Any Marvel Comic book Movie, The Butterfly Effect, The Color Purple, Dirty Dancing, and Gone Girl.

5. Favorite restaurant and where is it located

Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck Dallas, TX. Papadeaux Houston, TX. Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House Las Vegas, NV. Chez Michelle Houston, TX.