Photo of Kavita Gaddam

Kavita Gaddam


  1. Why did you choose FMA to support? 

I joined FMA because I believe FMA is addressing a key problem in our society. Young people are graduating out of high school and even college without adequate financial knowledge needed to function in an increasingly complex world. FMA is providing students an opportunity to succeed in life by giving them critical financial information which is quite simply not being given to them by schools without FMA.

  1. How do you support FMA?

I support FMA as a manager of newsletters by handling the distribution of newsletters via a software known as Salesforce.

  1. What are your favorite books or hobbies? 

My favorite books are the ones I read to my daughter. My hobbies are watching movies with my family.

  1. What are your favorite movies? 

My favorite movies are movies that make me laugh. If I have to pick a favorite, I would pick Father of the Bride.

  1. What is your favorite restaurant and in what city is it located?

Ruggles Green is my favorite restaurant and it is located in Sugar Land. They serve fresh ingredients while taking an emphasis on protecting the environment and helping the local community.