Photo of Yvonne Green , LMSW

Yvonne Green , LMSW

FMA Advisory Board Bank on Houston


Yvonne brings her passion for people, collaboration, financial coaching, homebuyer education and over 20 years of volunteer and social service experience to FMA’s Board.

Yvonne has served in the community in several capacities such as a Policy Analyst in the 83rd Texas Legislature in the Office of State Representative Garnet Coleman, has served on the Habitat for Humanity Montgomery County Family Selection Committee, and has served as a member of HISD’s Superintendent Parent Advisory Committee. She is also an AmeriCorps Alum.

“I believe having financially healthy families will positively impact everyone and hopefully help decrease debt, poverty, stress and health cost” says Yvonne. She passionately believes that FMA’s Connect the Dots and the Game of Real Life will give students the exposure to relationships and opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.

Yvonne is the director of the City of Houston, Controller’s Office, Bank on Houston.