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Other Considerations
Credit – Students receive a 3rd math credit.  Counselors and students need to know they can take this course for graduation and may then decide they should take Algebra II or pre-calc based on their career decisions. 

Volunteers – FMA encourages the community to be engaged in this course.  If you have a community program, speak with FMA about the opportunities this course offers.

Teachers – Instructors must meet TEA criteria as teachers. Please check with TEA for guidance.

Instructor PD – FMA will work with the school and district to provide professional development at convenient time and place.

Materials – The course is web-based with materials downloaded by students and teachers.  Teachers will have a RLFM Instructor’s Guide, RLFM Lesson Plans, RLFM Power Point for classroom presentation.  Student may download and print the RLFM Student Workbook.

Real Life Experiential Game (OPTIONAL) – a 2-day, reality simulation, experiential game with business and non-profit organizations as volunteers.  Students are divided into teams and half the teams play Shift A, the other half play Shift B.  In the game, the students “age” from 19 to 26, in 8 rounds, as they work, pay bills, pay for college, file tax returns, have financial statement audits, buy homes, cars, insurance, invest 401(k) plans, etc.  The GAME is regional – Houston in 2018 and San Antonio, Dallas and Austin in 2019.