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RLFM is a Texas one-year, 3rd math credit high school course.   This outcome-based, award winning curriculum integrates personal financial education, career discovery, college planning with reality-based math, team building, critical thinking.  Students develop a personal plan for their future and apply their strategies in an experiential reality simulation game.  The course will first be available in Sept 2016.

Districts interested in offering RLFM, please contact Nibal@FinancialMentors.org.  You may also complete the form to schedule a meeting or tell us about your progress,

Businesses and community organizations who want to support and get involved, please contact Lorraine@FinancialMentors.org.


R2L is a book to bridge the preparation and planning between high school and college.  Student loans are growing. This debt should not have surprised the student or the parent.  Nor should all of the consequences of the debt – delay in students purchasing homes, starting families, and having to work two jobs, or parents taking second mortgages and delaying retirement.

R2L offers planning exercises that may cut the debt in half or even eliminating it.

R2L takes a financial look at the college selection process. How much will a 2 year, 4 year or 6 year degree cost? Do you go to a relatively inexpensive school for undergraduate work or a private school? Do you need a graduate degree? Are you being paid to attend the school or are you incurring debt?

R2L will soon be made available on Amazon.  Sign up for the FMA newsletter and you will receive special pricing.

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