Getting Started

In the book, Schools Cannot Do It Alone, Jamie Volker acknowledges that there are increasing demands upon teachers, principals and superintendents.  Schools are under funded and understaffed.  Education has shifted from a time when a select group of students were educated to be “thinkers” and the remaining students were educated to be “doers.”   Today, almost all skilled jobs ffering a reasonable standard of living require problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

To assure America will have sufficient employees prepared to function in a knowledge economy, the community must become engaged to support the schools.  This need is so obvious when we consider the future of low and moderate income students.  LMI students lack a fundamental understanding of potential careers and the education and developmental skills required to secure these positions.   If they don’t know what is possible, why would we expect them to embrace education and hard work for a future that doesn’t exist for them?

To expose students to a future of hope , businesses are engaged in the Game of Real Life.  Volunteers meet with students and

1) Discuss the paths they took through middle school and high school to their current position.  These Career Mentors share with the students their challenges, mistakes, triumphs and future goals. Students understand what they must do to achieve success.

2) Speed interview students in the Game and give them valuable feedback on how they are being perceived.  Students then learn that the person best qualified for the job does not aleways receive the job offer.  For more on this topic see the video on the main page FOX 26 News.

3) Make Job Offers to hire students for the Game and then train and manage the students to perform as employees in your business.  Students quickly learn the importance of having excellent skills.  They are also paid based upon their education and performance.

Business volunteers bring the Game of Real Life to underserved teens so they can understand that real life isn’t a game.