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Photo of Michael Trejo

Michael Trejo

Vice President of Commercial Lending – Houston, TX


Michael Trejo, VP Commercial Lender for Allegiance Bank, is a Houston native and been in the banking industry for over 17 years. Michael is passionate about what he does because his parents owned their own business for many years and he seeks to treat clients the same way he would have liked for his parents to be treated by a banker: with respect and honesty.

Since 1997, Michael has been committed to giving back to the community. He has volunteered as a community outreach worker for Commissioner El Franco Lee, been an emergency room translator for Bentaub Hospital, served as a District Chairman for the Boy Scouts of America Antares District, and lead a group of 12 adults through a 16 week financial makeover with an ultimate goal to increase their income and net worth by 20%. Currently, Michael serves on the Board of Directors for Harris County Precinct One and Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation.

Most recently, Michael began investing in real estate for the purpose of purchasing and rehabbing single-family residences in the Houston area. MT Homes was started in 2015 and have now completed 12 projects.