Interested in volunteering with us at Financial Mentors of America? As we grow we require more people to help our operation run smoothly. Don’t forget to check out the Volunteer Opportunities to see the wide array of positions that we are looking for. For an online application click here.

  Ways to contribute

  • Time & Talent –FMA is recruiting volunteers to visit school districts for career explorer panels all over the state of Texas.  You can make a difference.  Visit our registration page to sign up!
  • Touch – Do you know anyone concerned with the systemic issues of Education, Employment and Economy?  Whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, there is a place for them within FMA as we work together to implement effective and creative solutions.
  • Treasure – We need your financial donations – 95% of your donation goes directly to program funding!  Go to our donation page!

  Easy ways to donate!

FMA has been selected by several charitable supporting organizations who will donate to FMA when you use their services.

1. United Airlines- gives free travel to FMA in this special program which costs you NOTHING.
Email Ken@FinancialMentors.org your member name and United frequent flier number and FMA receives points which can be used to purchase airline tickets to attend conferences and expand the Game of Real Life

2. GoodSearch pays FMA 1 cent for each internet search when you use this Yahoo search engine. There are no limits. For more information, click here and select the charity – FINANCIAL MENTORS.

3. GoodShop pays FMA up to 30% of your purchase when you order on line. Your cost is NOTHING. For more information, click here and select the charity – FINANCIAL MENTORS.

4. Employer Match- many employers will match your financial donation or give FMA funding based on your volunteer service hours.. Check with HR and if we need to set up an account.

5. Smile.Amazon.com  Love to shop on line or just shop one time a year?  Make it count!  Go to this site, select Financial Mentors of America and Amazon donates to FMA. NO COST TO YOU.

6. Randalls Remarkable Card- Every time you shop at Randalls they’ll donate to us 1% of you purchase! Fill out a form at your local courtesy window and add FMA to your Remarkable Points Card.                 Our code is 13361

7. Kroger Plus Card- Every time you shop at “Krogers” they’ll also donate a percentage of your purchase to FMA. To link FMA to your Kroger plus card please sign-in to your “digital account”, choose ‘My Account’, then click Community Rewards and enroll Financial Mentors of America to receive a donation. Our code is 74437