Middle School Program Funding

The following are the current pricing for the program.  Please note that once a program exceeds 100 students or 350 intervention students, the price reduces.  It is our intention to deliver the licensing agreement at a price point to cover FMA expenses.  We are a non-profit and our objective is to have as many students as possible have access to this program.

Middle School GAME Service Form





Required – Annual GAME Master training $500 / Sponsor for engagement and training in Houston
Required Research $25 / new intervention student
Required Course $25 to $15 / new intervention student and instructor
Required Instructor Training No fee for training in Houston..
If In Community, FMA is reimbursed for consultant (if needed) & business expenses
Required 4 site visits Reimbursement of business expense plus  consultant fee, if applicable
Optional Career Discovery $5 / student
Required 1 day Game $25 to $15 / course student
Optional Parent Academy $5 / parent in Academy
Optional Leadership Development Institutes $10 / Game graduate
Optional Mentoring $0
Grand Total