A REAL LIFE Middle School Program for After School

FMA offers schools and communities an opportunity to provide middle school students an after school outcome based curriculum called Career Discovery, a unit of the Connect The Dots course.  This program was piloted in 2015 to determine if a rigorous financial, career and college planning program could increase student motivation and achieve increased academic performance.  The last step of the research is to be conducted in the fall of 2015, but current results look promising.

A REAL LIFE Middle School Course

Connect The Dots is a semester long career and college readiness course, designed to be offered during the school year or as an intense summer learning experience. The course includes career Discovery, Personal Financial Education and Post-Secondary Planning.  The program offers many opportunities to engage the community in efficient and effective career fairs and parent academies.

Since most school districts and principals have many questions about who should teach the course, TEKS, who should take the course, course credit, and community engagement, once you have reviewed the Syllabus, please contact