What is Real Life Financial Math?

Real Life Financial Math is a blended online, one year advanced math course for high school students. RLFM is also a CTE course, providing 35% bonus funding to school districts offering this dynamic course.

RLFM is the course you wish you had in high school. It integrates personal financial education, career discovery, postsecondary education planning, and reality-based math with critical thinking, problem solving, team building, and project based learning. It is challenging and engaging, offering students a comprehensive view of real life.


The Authors

Lorraine Ross Decker, CLU, ChFC, MSFS and Kenneth Lee Decker, CPA-PFS, CFP are pioneers in the financial planning and education industry. Since 1980, major employers, school districts, government organizations have retained them to provided objective personal financial education, tax planning, investment strategies, benefit selection and estate planning workshops and counseling to thousands of employees worldwide.

Following Sept. 11th, the Deckers created a non-profit and worked with working poor families and Title I schools. Just as in corporate America, financial education and planning helped thousands of families become financially stable and achieve their goals. In 2006, the Deckers created a summer course for high school students, the Game of Real Life. Since then 1,200 students have attended this 160-hour program with notable outcomes. Longitudinal research of the first 358 Game graduates, revealed that 100% completed high school, 98% entered college and 91.7% graduated from college.

Beginning in 2012, at the requested of numerous educators, parents, and students, the Deckers created a high school course, Real Life Financial Mathematics. RLFM is a blended, online course. It provides professional level real life financial, tax, investment, college planning and motivational information in classroom. Using best classroom practices, it integrates 6-E methodology, with project based learning and allows the instructor to actively participate in the students’ learning process.

RLFM, a CTE course, provides districts with additional funding and students with a real life math option to enable them to plan their futures.

The authors have received the
FDIC Chairman’s Award for Innovation in Financial Education
1st Place in Corporate Sponsored Financial Education by the 401(k) / Profit Sharing Council of America,
$100,000 Purpose Prizefrom Encore, for making a measurable difference in the world.
Virginia Tech, Department of Financial Education Award for Model Programs in Life Cycle Planning

FMA, the non-profit created by the Deckers, provides free consultation to school districts and community support for school districts. FMA will help you successfully offer RLFM.

If you have any questions please contact FMA Program Director, Nibal Markus Email: nibal@financialmentors.org  Phone: 281-508-6995