A Brief History…

Since 1985, Ken and Lorraine Decker provided corporate-sponsored financial education workshops to more than 100,000 employees worldwide, winning numerous awards.

In 2003, Habitat For Humanity asked the Deckers to conduct pro-bono financial education classes for Habitat families. The workshops resulted in Habitat families increasing their income and savings. It also resulted in teens attending the programs with a desire to have a self-sustaining future.

Skills For Living (S4L) and Financial Mentors of America, Inc. (FMA) were formed and received non-profit status in 2004. S4L’s focus was adult financial literacy.  FMA’s focus is youth financial education.

Lorraine managed the two non-profits and created award-winning programs. FDIC presented her with the Chairman’s Award for Innovation in Financial Education and she received the Encore organization’s 2012 Purpose Prize of $100,000.

On December 31,  Lorraine left S4L to focus efforts on underserved teens to achieve socio-economic transformation.  She and Ken donated the Purpose Prize to FMA with the goal of expanding the Game of Real Life (GAME) to thousands of middle school, high school, and university students.

Since then Lorraine Decker has become the president and CEO of Decker and Associates publishing. Creating real life content for students throughout the State of Texas, and FMA continues to support innovative Financial Literacy curriculum and to bring innovation into the classroom to prepare students for real life.