Automation and Job Loss

Automation and Job Loss

Ruchi Negi

Nothing remains forever & Change is permanent

Knowledge management and change management have been guiding stars for many flourishing businesses since decades now. We see every day companies diversifying, coming out with a yet new creative way of keeping the customer engaged. These new product lines and new offerings help business in customer retention and also widen the product portfolio. Likewise to improve on profitability, businesses must improve on productivity and minimize defects. Thus more and more businesses are now adopting automation in all forms. Automation has heralded an era where businesses operate like one compact machine free from shackles of human error. We can notice these changes all around us and in all ways of life. The way in which telemarketing jobs have now been taken over by a voice automated interface completely does bring few questions to mind.

Various research agencies and consultants have reported that job market right now is faced with imminent threat from automation and shrinking of technology jobs world-wide. Everyone today in the workforce or the students preparing to get in the industry want to know how they will be affected? How can one prepare to deal with behemoth such as this?

We must acknowledge that even though the automation is fast and coming and may replace many jobs; it may also simultaneously create many more jobs like in past done by machines. If the workforce is not prepared for such a change old skills may be rendered jobless by automation. The new jobs created would be filled by people who are a step ahead of market and companies and have acquired these new skills well ahead of time. Being informed about market dynamics and taking out time to plan one’s career, after thorough research would be the decisive factor in deciding who gets to keep the job.

Students when planning career should look at all the available career options of one’s interest. Knowing the history of how the line of work evolved with change and automation requires a good deal of research. Also a study of strategies being implemented by companies when hiring new employees and new skills in demand would be very helpful. Evolving workplaces and volatility today calls for students to be well informed and be able to take calculated risk. Knowledge of new skills that can help keep up with technology advancement may come in handier than expected. Enhancing one’s skills from time to time improve employee performance, help advance on the job and plan the career better. Being a lifelong learner with analytical mind and a critical thinking goes a long way in helping one succeed in the career of one’s choice.  

Living in the fear of automation is not the solution. As most of the jobs will in a way be affected by it. However being watchful, informed and making right choices would help one be ahead of the curve. Students will need to develop an attitude to embrace change, be proactive in updating skills and be ready automation with open hands.