Financial Education and College Readiness – What the Data Says

Hi everyone,

Kevin Wright here to talk to you a little bit about the current state of Financial Education courses in the state of Texas. For more about me, please click on my bio. Anyways, lets cut to the chase.

In our efforts to mobilize the common-folk to the purpose of Fin. Ed classes, I’ve decided to do a little bit of exploratory data analysis so that we can first focus on the state of education, and determine where we can go from there. As a brief disclaimer, we are certainly not bashing anything about the TEA, or the courses they offer. Quite the contrary, we are absolutely thrilled that our kids are being offered Financial Education courses, and we are quite thrilled with their enrollment.

For example, in the 2016-2017 school year, the TEA’s most popular Fin. Ed course boasted an enrollment of 25,390 students across 292 courses. Not too shabby, right? Let’s dive a little deeper using the TEA’s data and see what we can find out.

Distribution plot of Moneymatters course enrollment vs. Above_Crit_RateDistribution plot showing other courses compared to Money Matters

Now, above to the left, you see the distribution of school districts with students enrolled in the Fin. Ed course, and at what percent that school district is graduating students above the criterion score in math and English. Students who pass above the criterion score do not have to take remedial classes when advancing to a post-secondary education institution. Students who do not must take remedial courses upon entering a post-secondary institution.  To the right, there is a similar graph, except this compares other courses. Do you see the line running on the graph? That line represents the probability of randomly picking one school, and how likely you are to find a value within that range.  This line peaks right around 20% for both graphs.

The Goal of FMA is to increase that probability…

by means of enhancing comprehensive financial education throughout the whole state! Do we have your interest piqued? Help us accomplish our goal and volunteer with FMA. Don’t have time to volunteer? Then donate to FMA!


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