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On Friday, July 17, the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) passed by unanimous vote the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for a one-year financial math course in Texas high schools starting September 2017. The state requires this course to comprehensively address financial education, career discovery and college selection and funding. Students will receive a one-year math credit. FMA will provide a course, Real Life Financial Math, that meets these requirements.

FMA sees this as an opportunity to change the lives of millions of students and the socio-economics of the state of Texas, which is our mission.

FMA Board Member Laura Ewing (president of the Texas Council on Economic Education), FMA researcher Brittany Johnson and FMA President Lorraine Decker invested hundreds of hours in committee meetings, conference calls and meetings with State Board of Education Members Donna Bahorich and Pat Hardy to clarify the language of the TEKS.

Since 2006 FMA has worked to change the lives of underserved teens. We discovered the formula for change was through a comprehensive course that taught financial education, career discovery, college selection and funding course called Real Life and the capstone activity, the Game of Real Life.  Many of our readers and supporters have joined FMA on this journey. (Please see our related article on supporters.)

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