Next steps

Volunteers, Interns and Work Study Students Needed

Pam Stroud, a supply chain expert, joined FMA’s Summer Team to reinvent herself.  She wanted to think, be challenged and make a difference.  She applied her life and professional skills to the qualitative research area, interviewing students, parents and volunteers and identifying themes.

Perhaps you are about to retire or are trying to find your life calling. FMA has more than a dozen meaningful volunteer opportunities. Our next Volunteer Launch meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 11 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Alexandra Rincon at

Brian Smith has been promoted!  While Alexandra is getting volunteers engaged, Brian is managing the back office technology and coordinating the newsletter communication. If our newsletter went to your spam or junk email or wasn’t received at all, please see FMA Communications Going to Spam or Junk Folder? below.  If you wish to help with Salesforce or FMA communications, let Alexandra know. We need your support.

UH Work Study students – FMA has several work-study opportunities. If you are eligible, check out the UH Career Website for specific job postings or contact Nibal Markus at

TSU, Rice, HBU – if you are interested in an internship or if you need to find meaningful service credit hours, contact Nibal Markus at