Career Discovery Now Available to the Community

Beginning in September, FMA will license our 11-lesson after-school Career Discovery program.  If you are interested in bringing this valuable information to a group of teens (10 minimum), contact Pam Stroud at

The program includes:

  • Parent permission slips
  • Online registration
  • Pre-test questionnaire for benchmarking what the students know
  • Eleven lessons with lots of activities. Lessons can be copied or projected from a PDF file.
  • Opportunities for community to be engaged – learn, volunteer and mentor
  • Instructor lesson plans
  • Research for measuring outcomes
  • Teacher resource lists with motivational articles and videos to prepare them for making a difference in the lives of the students
  • Teacher training through Google Hangout or Skype.

The cost varies based on the number of students. The minimum is $150 or $15 per student.

The cost of the administration and learning curve for this after-school program was funded through a grant from CASE-HCDE and the Houston Endowment. Without their funding, this program would not exist.

The cost is low considering what teens can receive and the higher grades that the research shows results from it. This is FMA’s gift to the future.

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