University of Houston Special Project Teams

FMA has enlisted the assistance of 2 teams from the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston to address two areas that are critical to our mission and growth: 1) engaging with the business community to form partnerships that support our growth, and 2) developing and employing an effective strategy for utilizing social media to communicate FMA’s message and engage with the community to bring together the resources needed to ensure our success. Read further for overviews of these two teams:

Business Engagement

UH Business Engagement team
UH Business Engagement team

The Business Engagement team is a collaborative effort between eight students in the Bauer College of Business and FMA. The team, organized through the class Connecting Bauer to Business, is committed to researching ways and means for FMA to expand. Their work explores areas among public awareness, corporate philanthropy, and navigating corporate structure to establish strong and mutually beneficial partnerships for businesses and other organizations with FMA. They are actively reaching out to potential new corporate partners.

Team members include Austin Martinez (leader), Cameron Dahesh, Tanmay Kayande, Marina Ramos, Yellma Rojo, Jason Thai, Phuc Trinh and Quyen Vo. While helping FMA execute on our strategic plan as they earn college credit, this group of students also wants to contribute to the community by helping to give the less fortunate the tools to obtain a better life. Like those of us in FMA, they see the connections between providing these tools, improving lives, reducing poverty and ensuring a strong Houston area economy.

Social Media

FMA offered an opportunity for a group of students in the GENB 3302 business class at the University of Houston to collaborate and improve the social media and crowd funding for their non-profit.

UH Social Media team
UH Social Media team

The team’s objective is bringing attention to FMA and The Game of Real Life. To accomplish this goal, they are addressing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram individually, as each of these platforms is targeted toward different age groups and audiences. They’re working with FMA Board member and webmaster Naren Salem to update the website to make it more interactive and targeted toward multiple audiences, ultimately bringing more awareness to the organization. Another aspect of media that this team is working on is getting a television show up and running. They are still in the very beginning stages of this endeavor, but plan to have it set up in a documentary style and give a better understanding of the program that the students are completing.

The project group consists of Melanie Antony (Marketing Spring 2018), Armando Cruz (MIS Fall 2017), Hannah Holloway (Accounting Fall 2017), Anastasiya Kopteva (Marketing Spring 2017), Enrique “Henry” Lamb (Finance Spring 2018), Diana Nguyen (Marketing Spring 2017), Skyler Singletary (Supply Chain Management Fall 2017), and Justin Spivey (MIS Spring 2017).  According to Anastasiya Kopteva, “Lorraine Decker’s passion is evident in everything she says and does… I will use this experience to develop my skills to be able to work in the non-profit sector.” Out of the class of more than 350 students, the members of the team chose FMA to be their focus area based on the background and content of the non-profit. Working on the Twitter account, Henry Lamb says that he took this opportunity because “I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to teach kids what my mother taught me, that college is both necessary and possible.”  Armando Cruz stated that the reason he chose to be a part of this project is because “I felt that the cause was right and being involved I know that I will be contributing to my community and to the city of Houston.” FMA provides opportunities to students to learn and live life at their full potential and the team is excited to be helping students and expanding the influential nature of FMA and The Game of Real Life.