Sources of Our Inspiration

Financial Mentors of America (FMA) is a collection of volunteers, partners and collaborators who work together to help students achieve amazing results. The task is daunting and difficult, but the mission, goal, and vision are worthy and critical to the economic health, not only of the students, but also the community.

How do those involved in FMA find nurture and support? First, we share similar values and, second, we reach out to others whose lives and works provide guidance and inspiration.

The following are some of the books we read and videos we watch. We encourage you to sample the following and give us your feedback through email, Facebook, and Twitter (@gameofreallife).

My personal favorite is Illusions by Richard Bach. I read Illusions at least once a year. It is short, but very thought provoking. Find your favorite, and let us hear from you.

What we like to read

Illusions, by Richard Bach

Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell

Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

What we enjoy watching

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

RSA – Changing Education Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson

Sugata Mitra – Hole in the Wall

Key to Success – Grit, Angela Duckworth, Phd

In future editions of FMA’s ENVISION Newsletter, I will list other books and videos that help us and the students, focus on the magnificent rewards of all the FMA programs such as The Game of Real Life and Connect the Dots.

In the meantime, remember that FMA is having a positive impact on each generation of students, year after year. This also plays a big part in the economic growth of our city, county, region and state.

Until next time,

Ken Decker