Legislative Update

The State Board of Education (SBOE) considered proposed revisions to the first group of career and technical education (CTE) Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) at their meeting, February 11–13, 2015.

FMA’s Board Member – Laura Ewing, President of Texas Council on Economic Education was on the scene. We are following two courses we are following and have provided the committees with TEKS curriculum recommendations:

Financial Math is a one-year high school course to be offered as a fourth-year math credit. Pre-requisite is Algebra I. Real Life will be designed to meet the TEKS for this course.

Career & Technology is a one-semester college and career ready course for 7th and 8th grade students. Connect the Dots will be designed to meet the TEKS for this course. CTD is currently being piloted and is included in a research study at Patrick Henry Middle School, an HISD Title 1 school.

The SBOE was expected to vote to approve the revisions. Late in the session it was recommended that approval for these two courses be delayed to March to allow for professionals in the community – including Ewing & Decker, who are currently working on this engagement – an opportunity to review the coordination of the high school course with the senior Economics course containing personal financial literacy. When approved, the proposed TEKS will be filed with the Texas Register and the official public comment period will begin soon after.

Live webcast of the SBOE meetings are available online at http://tea.texas.gov/sboe/webcast/. Recorded meeting proceedings are archived on the same site later that day.

We will keep you posted on SBOE and FMA progress.

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