Houston Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation – Annual Gala

Dear Colleagues:

Houston Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation provides a direct link for Baylor and U.T. medical students, U of H Optometry students, and faculty to help people in rural Honduras. Through HSTS, students help rural villagers with maternal and child health, nutrition, water resources and sanitation, and health education projects, as well as preventive and curative health care.

For the student, it is often a life changing experience and a tremendous opportunity for hands-on global health education. For rural Hondurans, it is also life changing; it is hope; it is an opportunity to actively work with North American colleagues to improve their health and their community.

Students literally work shoulder to shoulder with their Honduran colleagues to address different issues of poverty, geographic isolation, lack of health education, and poor access to health care.

At present, funding is urgently needed to support nutrition programs for young children, a nutrition and health education program for school children, and purchasing of medical and dental equipment for the health center for the 22 villages served by this project.

On April 11, 2015, we are hosting the seventh Annual Gala to support the ongoing work of Houston Shoulder to Shoulder in Honduras. Please be a part of this effort through donations of goods and products that can be used for silent auction at the Gala, or through monetary donations from your business or corporation.

Your contribution to Houston Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation is completely tax deductible, as HSTS is a non-profit 501(C)(3) approved organization. 100% of your contribution will go to help rural Hondurans.

Please give generously. We need your help. Sincerely,

G.R. Parkerson, III, MD, MPH
President, Houston Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation

P.O. Box 15122 – Houston, TX 77220 • Ph. 713-643-0169 • email: hstshonduras@gmail.com