College Volunteer Opportunity

A friend said, “Why is it the things you really must know in life – like how to file a tax return, buy a car, pay for college, write a resume, interview for a job, complete a financial statement or plan for the future – you never learn in school?”

No longer is this true.  Financial Mentors of America, a Houston based non-profit is bringing the Game of Real Life to Houston teens and you can help make it happen. Starting in January, FMA is piloting a middle school Real Life program called Connect The Dots.  Connect the Dots (CTD) is a comprehensive financial education, career discovery and college planning curriculum and it will be offered to 150 7th grade students at Patrick Henry Middle School. PHMS is on the Hardy Toll road, north of Loop 610 and all of their students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Make a Difference!

Teaching Assistant Enrichment After School Hosting Career EXPO
Have Monday (8am to 3:30pm) or Tuesday (8am to 5:30pm) available from Jan. 26 to May 19?  Engage students in Career Discovery. You will work with student teams to help them step into their future and identify career opportunities. January training sessions. Tuesday afternoons (3pm to 5:30pm) from Jan. 27 to May 19 at PHMS. Students expand their knoweldge through project learning, career research, discussions with volunteers about real life.  Volunteers nurture and provide valued guidance.  Training Jan 13 at PHMS. On May 2 (7:30am to 1pm), students, parents, career mentors and community convene at PHMS.  EXPO matches students with career mentors who share the paths taken to achieve success.  Hosts register attendees and help serve the Celebration Lunch.
Business Engagement Teaching Assistant Host the Game of Real Life
If marketing is your forte, help FMA reach business community relations leaders and professional associations.  Tell them about Real Life and Connect The Dots.Training and marketing guidance are available.  Your hours can vary and efforts start NOW! June 1 to July 2, Monday through Thursday (7:30am to 3:30pm) engage students in Connect The Dots a summer school course to change the futures of underserved teens and possibly your future. Work with teachers and other TAs to engage students who want to learn about the future. Training June 1-4. On July 1 &  2 (7:30am to 6pm), volunteers from Houston companies speed interview, train and manage students as they age from 19 to 26 in 1 ½ hour intervals. Students work, pay bills, file tax returns and make life decisions. Hosts register attendees, guide officials and help serve the Celebration dinner.

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