R&D Team Meeting – Oct 17, 2013

October 17, 2013
Attendees: Ken Decker, Lorraine Decker, Naren Salem, Rodrigo Martinez, Pablo Vera, Kim Pham, Noe Zubieta, Chuck Fischer, Laura Ewing, Kim Christensen, Brian Smith, Christina Upchurch, Zoe Gabbard, Varsha Shah, Jay Garrison, Ron Hoffmaster

As a large team, we spent some time talking about the forthcoming presentations in November. On the 2nd we are presenting twice at the Link Up Greater Houston conference at the U of H. If you are interested in attending please email Kim Pham. Then on the 20th we are presenting at the STEAM conference by the City of Houston, sponsored by Microsoft. We have details on the gameofreallife.org calendar.

GAME graduated Rodrigo Martinez, Pablo Vera, Noe Zubieta will be presenters, along with Zayra, Liz and Juliet. The topic – Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Lorraine updated that we are trying to get 5 school districts to participate in the pilot program. We don’t want more at this time so we can apply our resources without stretching our limits.We are in talks or scheduled to talk with Spring Branch, Alvin, Houston, Pasadena, Alief, Harmony and YES Prep.

After the updates, Chuck talked us through the proposed Org Chart. The discussion that followed showed that this was well received by the team. We felt that it would be good to have some structure even if the organization may change and the chart may need to be updated sometime in the future. There was some concern that this may be a bit overwhelming with all the different roles. But once we get used to it, this should help us communicate and work better with each other.

We then broke up into two groups. One group was focused on the Administration and Development. And the other discussed the roles in the Marketing, Program and Communications. We put names against some of the roles in the org chart based on people’s interests. Our goal is to have the organization chart fully functional by December 1st.


Ken was in charge of the dinner. Thanks Ken for feeding us!