Student Profile – Noe Zubieta

Student Profile: Noe Zubieta
by Varsha Shah, CPA, MBA

Noe Zubieta is a graduate of the 2007 Game of Real Life held at the University of Houston.  He then graduated from YES NC in 2010 and returned to serve as a college Team Leader in Game 2010 at Rice University and an assistant instructor at Game 2011 at Sharpstown High School. During the GAME he decided he wanted to study engineering, and concentrate in bio-medical engineering.

Noe is a junior at Vanderbilt University, where he is a pre-med student, with a double major in psychology and medicine, health, and society (MHS). He plans to either apply to medical school or pursue graduate study leading to a career in research.

The Interview

Q – In the GAME students have to connect the dots from where they are today, back to their actions in high school.  What did you learn in the GAME that helped you with where you are today?

Noe – The Game of Real Life provided me with essential information and guidance to help me obtain future internships as well as understanding the application process for both school and job prospects.

Q – What concerns you most about your future?  And in the GAME you learned that the purpose of knowledge is action, so what actions are you taking today to address those concerns?

Noe – My best plan of action is to work hard for good grades and be involved in campus activities. I hope that this will lead me to the internships appropriate for my research interests and also facilitate the medical school / graduate school application process.

Q – What words of wisdom would you pass on to GAME students?

Noe – In the GAME you hear – “Your word is your bond” This is so important. I consider it essential as a commitment to everything central to success in all professional, social and personal relationships.  It is a reflection of one’s character. I also believe that one should “be assertive in everything you do.” I think this is a critical factor for success. In being assertive I don’t mean reckless.  You must be open and willing to seek help.  I think one should take advantage of all possible opportunities towards your goal.