Financial Mentors of America’s research team met on February 4thto discuss the Game of Real Life Case Study, the structure of future FMA research and research currently being conducted by others on college success, underserved youth and critical thinking that may impact curriculum development in the GAME

The research team consists of a diverse group of professionals with strong credentials. The dedicated team includes

  • Melissa Halow,masters in sociology and masters in clinical psychology;
  • PollyShouse, officer at Chilton Capitalwith a masters in economics from Stanford University,
  • Gail Kamen, mastersof social work with a specialization in mediation and its application to education,;
  • Jay Garrison,BSEE and an MBA;
  • Chris James, senior at Houston Baptist University majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication;
  • LorraineDecker,founder of FMA, author of the Game of Real Life,masters of science in financial services;
  • Amanda Hang Ton, candidate for the masters of education at University of Melbourne,
  • Kim Pham,financial analyst at JPMorgan Chase
  • Julie Cates, co-founder of Alearn, masters in electrical engineering from Stanford.

The case study was very useful and eye opening in terms of goals set for FMA and the Game of Real Life. The study was reviewed and edited to ensure clarity and accuracy for future use. The study is shared online and showcases major outcomes of the GAMEas well as improvements for future programs. To review the Case Study on the GAMEclickHERE.

In future articles, we will share with interested readers the structure of our research to assure control and intervention groups.  Additionally we will share some of the modifications we will make to the curriculum to better prepare our GAME students to manage the future.

If there is any additional information needed please contact Lorraine Decker at