FMA R&D Team

FMA R&D Team


FMA R&D Team

Jan. 22, FMA hosted its first monthly research and development team meeting to brainstorm ideas for middle school and university programs. The meeting reviewed strategic plans and established a timeline for targeting 3,500 students between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.
The R&D team consists of talented and devoted individuals who include:



  • Polly Shouse
  • Ken Decker
  • AhsanRahi
  • Amanda Ton (California)
  • Caryn McGriff (California)
  • Edmond McGee
  • Eric Donnelly
  • Jay Garrison
  • Gayle Kamen
  • Henry Ha (Dallas)
  • Jacob Magin
  • Kenley Clark
  • Mark Proegler
  • Martin Bailey
  • Melissa Halow
  • Kim Pham
  • Paula Coggins
  • Ron Huffmaster
  • Kathy Rose
  • Varsha Shaw
  • LaTasha Young
  • Christopher James


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The middle school program group, chaired by Kamen and McGee focused on facilitating interpersonal and team dynamics. They found that stair-step coaching would satisfy a predisposition to instant gratification by allowing career professionals to mentor university undergraduates;undergraduates to mentor high school students and high school students to mentor middle school students. The rule being “If you don’t mentor, you don’t get the benefit of becoming a mentee, ”said McGee

The group discussed the idea of adopting the methodology of Saul Coplan, a mentor in Florida – kids are coached and held accountable. They also discussed how to ease major transitions in life, such as the transition from middle school to high school.

The university program group, chaired by Rose and Clark, focused on the true costs of college, including making poor financial and academic decisions. They advised the program address how to find jobs in specific career areas through networking, internships and mentors.They recommended the program present a roadmap to graduate with students meeting specific requirements each year. They also considered the sociological and psychological issues facing students. The university team is developing a proposal for CUNY.