Upcoming Events

1/18/2017 Lions club meeting
1/19/2017 Sherman ISD publisher Hearing
1/21/2017 Fort Worth ISD Instructional Materials Review Committee Hearings
1/24/2017 Austin ISD Instructional Materials Publisher Hearing 
1/24/2017 Region 9 Instructional Materials Publisher Hearing
1/24/2017 fma board meeting
2/15/2017 Shell Nonprofit Internship Program Agency Orientation
2/15/2017 ExxonMobil CSJP Agency Orientation
2/18/2017 Corpus Christi ISD  Instructional Materials and Textbook Adoption Public Hearing


       Are you passionate about changing the lives of future generations within your community?  Do you want to see Real Life changes that will last students a life time, instead of simply one or two semesters?  If the answer is yes to these questions, please consider volunteering with FMA.  You will be joining others who share a passion for redefining our educational system and fostering hope for the youth of tomorrow. Click to learn more.