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We are different because we need to be different. We don’t want student to simply pass our test. We want to achieve meaningful outcomes. We don’t want our next generation to be simply literate. We want them to be educated. We are the catalyst for this change. 

Personal Financial Literacy is an excellent introduction to real life. But the Personal Financial Education taught by Real Life Financial Math is more effective at achieving meaningful outcomes. Click the banner above to learn more. 

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The world is changing. Students need to be actively engaged in the changes. RLFM was created as a blended online course to keep it up-to-date. The curriculum is modified based on what we learn from our students in terms of cultural barriers and personal experiences. We also update the curriculum with new financial information. Since the world is rapidly changing, we need to keep up with that change to prepare our students  to take on today’s challenges and develop the critical thinking needed to succeed and change the world.